El Cofrecito Front Bag

1 Mar

Our El Cofrecito front bag is designed for those with endurance or long-distance riding in mind. This is an elegant bag that will make your bike look like a million bucks. But, don’t let the looks of this little bag fool you. El Cofrecito front bag will work well no matter where you take your bike: on asphalt, on cobblestones, or even off-road if your route is peppered with a bit of singletrack. El Cofrecito translates into “The Little Trunk,” or “The Small Jewel Case,” and is great for keeping important things like your fuel, gear or other valuables on a long day ride, century ride or brevet.

El Cofrecito is to be used with front racks such as Nitto M-12 or Velo Orange’s front racks. Yes, no décaleur required! It attaches in a snap with its rear pouch that completely encompasses the short vertical support found on these front racks.  Additionally, there are four velcro leather side straps that will insure that your bag remains securely in place at all times on any kind of terrain. This puppy isn’t going anywhere!

We have made our bag a bit longer than our competitors so you can put things inside that you don’t want falling off of your bike such as a mini pump, a “click-stand” bike stand, etc.

For those downhill sections, we have also paid attention to aerodynamics by making the front end more rounded and flattening out the back. The bag features a handle so you can remove it and take it anywhere with you.

We highly recommend using our saddlebag to increase total carrying capacity.

Features in brief:

  • Made of leather and waterproof  U.V. synthetic fabric. We aren’t cutting corners. This is the same material used on the top of sport convertibles. Very durable stuff!
  • The zipper is completely protected by a leather flap. Leather velcro straps. Front and side reflective tape for safety.

  • Here is a sample of things you can put in the bag.

  • All of the things above fit snuggly inside. Leather piece up front can hold a front light.

  • El Cofrecito features a usable area on top with d-rings to secure any extra stuff: battery packs, U-lock or other things that you may need on your ride. Shown here with a U-lock (bungee cords or U-lock not included)

El Cofrecito + Saddlebag :

El Cofrecito Bag Dimensions: 9.5″ (Length) x 5″ (Depth) x 5.5″ (Height)

24 cm (L) x 12.7 cm (D) x 14 cm (H)      Weight: ~335 grams

El Cofrecito Bag Min. Advertised Price: USD $160.00 each

Gear Inside Bag

El Cofrecito Bag is available in 3 leather trim colors of your choice: burnt orange, chocolate or black (click on images below.) Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We ship worldwide. 私たちは、日本に出荷する。

Burnt Orange Trim Chocolate Trim Black Trim

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Panniers and bags for the discerning cyclist

Review of our panniers

20 May

On May 16th, 2011, Velouria of Lovely Bicycle (a well regarded bicycle blogger) reviewed one of our panniers. She was in search of an elegant pannier that she could use to carry her laptop, but most importantly, that would not cause heel strike… a problem she had experienced with several panniers she had tried. She decided to go with us for a custom pannier for her mixte bicycle. Click here to read what she had to say.

What else is new?

  • Our panniers have been improved so the internal sides fold in such way that it will keep water out. Our first version was more open, so this has been addressed.
  • Another improvement is that all panniers come now with rings sewn in on each side for an optional shoulder strap.
  • Our pannier will hold a 15″ diagonal screen laptop. This size pannier also works great on bicycles with front racks. Want something bigger or smaller? Remember that we can also do custom work. Just email me at bicicris (at) gmail (dot) com 

Pannier Dimensions: 11″ (Length)  x  5.5″ (Depth)  x 14″ (Height)

28 cm x 14 cm x 35.5 cm

Check out our all-leather saddlebags! They match nicely with our burnt orange or chocolate panniers. They will hold nicely your multitool, a tube and other miscellaneous personal accessories. These are made to hang from the back of the saddle, preferably a Brooks saddle. They will also work on saddles without saddlebag rings in the back as shown below.


PANNIERS – All of our standard (non-custom) panniers  are USD $250 for one or USD $450 for the pair.

SADDLEBAGS – Saddlebags are USD $75 ea.


Your pannier and saddlebag will be specially manufactured for you upon receipt of payment. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

Want to purchase? Visit our commercial website.

Cristóbal & Co. – Panniers and bags for the discerning cyclist

San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

14 Apr

We just got back from the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show. Our chic leather panniers and saddlebag received lots of attention from the attendees in general, followed by inquiries after the show.  A big THANK YOU to Muse Cycles and Liebo Bicycles for allowing us to accessorize their beautiful bikes.  Already looking forward to next year’s event!

Avoiding heel strike with our laptop pannier

7 Mar

Four things that you need to take into account when fitting our laptop panniers onto your bike to avoid heel strike. These are guidelines that you can use when considering any pannier, especially if you already have a bike with a rack on it.

1. The length of your rack

2. The length of your chainstay

3. The length and height of your panniers (especially if they are square panniers like ours)

4. The size of your shoes

Bicycle racks come in all shapes and sizes.  After seeing so many racks over the years, my preference now is for racks that have extra rear support. This allows for a firm and wide area for the back of the panniers to lie on.  This is great to avoid the rear of any panniers from touching the spokes on sudden maneuvers. Also, consider the usable length of your rack. For our laptop panniers, it should be 12 inches minimum (the longer the better, however.)  This usable length refers to the straight railings on your rack, excluding any area where these railings bend. There are so many brands, but I will show a few here as examples that have the extra rear support:



What about chainstay length?

Chainstay length is also important to avoid heel strike. Chainstay length is the distance from the middle of your rear dropout where the axle sits to the middle of the bottom bracket spindle (see pic below.) Most commuter and touring bikes are made with longer chainstays. Our laptop pannier works great with bikes that have a minimum 17.5″ (445mm) or longer chainstay. Again, the longer the better.



Length and width

Pannier Standard Dimensions: 11″ (Length)  x  5.5″ (Depth) x 14″ (Height)

28 cm x 14 cm x 35.5 cm

Note: We can make panniers in any size by special order.


 Shoe Size & everything else factored in

Shoe size is the last element to factor into the equation to avoid heelstrike. The maximum size I have tried is with our standard panniers is 11.5 shoe (U.S. standard.) I also used a rear rack with a usable length of 12″ on a bike with 17.5″ (445 mm) chainstay. I installed the pannier in the middle of the railing. There was absolutely no heel strike with about more than inch to spare.

Heel strike can be very annoying to the point that it could make any pannier pretty much unusable, unless you can make adjustments or changes to your panniers, rack or find a bike with longer chain stays – the most expensive solution. Cristóbal & Co. has made every effort to accomodate our customers so they are satisfied with their beautiful leather panniers. We specialize in custom-built panniers to fit your bike and rack using the dimensions and even mounting hardware of your choice.  So if you have experienced heel strike with several other brands, you might be a good candidate for a custom pannier. We will be glad to work with you in finding a solution to your particular situation.

For purchasing our products, please visite our commercial website.

Cristóbal & Co. – Panniers and bags for the discerning cyclist


3 Jan


From Mexico to the world, con amor!

The first product I am launching is a laptop pannier for the city commuter and the bicycle tourist. Although the iPad and other tablets are supposed to be the wave of the future, there are many people who still own a laptop and need one for work purposes. This pannier fills the void for an elegant multipurpose pannier that can hold a large 15” laptop.   

Pannier Standard Dimensions: 11″ (Length)  x  5.5″ (Depth) x 14″ (Height)

28 cm x 14 cm x 35.5 cm

Note: We can make panniers in any size by special order.

Side Pocket Dimensions: 4.5” (length) x 3” (depth) x 7” (height)

11.4 cm x 7.6 cm x 17.8 cm

Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 Kgs), including side pocket

Colors: Burnt Orange, Chocolate












Practical and Secure Features

  • Holds up  a 15” laptop
  • Designed to hold a windbreaker in between main straps
  • Security – a cable lock fits through the handle to lock your panniers to the bike on short stops

  • OPTIONAL side pocket can hold small items such as a cell phone, wallet, multi-tool, or keys. Detachable on short stops to the store, so that you can lock the rest of the pannier and take your small valuables with you

  • Very transportable! – When not in use the pannier lies flat (1” approx.) This is a great feature when traveling. It easily fits inside a suitcase

  • Pannier is not side-specific — it can be mounted on the left or right side of your rack. Optional side pocket can also be mounted on either side.
  • Clean & simple design – no internal dividers in order to maximize space

Built To Last

  • Fine leather recovered with a layer of weatherproof synthetic fabric makes our panniers sturdy and durable.
  • Non-stretchable synthetic fabric (in black) offers water repellency, U.V. and low temperature protection and flexibility in key areas. This is the same material used for the tops of convertible cars, so it’s very durable!
  • All closures operate by a combination of leather straps, metal buckles and twist locks (no zippers or plastic parts anywhere!)

Mininum Advertised Pricing:

STANDARD PANNIERS – All of our standard (non-custom) panniers  are USD $250 each. Optional Side Pocket: $60 ea., Shoulder Strap: $35 ea.

SADDLEBAGS – Saddlebags are USD $95 ea.


Your pannier(s) will be specially manufactured for you upon receipt of payment. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

Want to purchase? Visit our COMMERCIAL WEBSITE.



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